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Stand Up Beds

Our stand up tanning beds are some of the most powerful beds on the market, and are perfect for the quick tan on your lunch break, after work or some quick rays on the weekend. Getting your nice bronze glow has never been quicker or easier!

Our stand up beds can be used with our Business Class package, The Business class package also gives you access to the laydown beds, for when you have a little more time to relax!


Laydown Beds

At Downtown Tan we have 2 different models of laydown tanning beds,the sundash beds and the ambition beds! The ambition beds pack a bit more punch, but they’re both ideal for unwinding after life stresses you out.

If you choose the sundash bed, you can purchase the Economy Class, and if you choose to go with the ambition bed, you have the choice between the Economy Class package, or the Coach Class.


Spray Tans

If you have a special event coming up, be it a wedding, pageant, prom or dance, then you need an Air Brush Spray Tan! It’s affordable, too!

To learn more about our Spray Tans or to book your appointment, click the ‘Learn More!’ button below, or navigate to Spray Tans using the main menu.
• Face: $7.99
• Legs: $12.99
• Entire body: $34.99

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Juice Bar

We’re super excited to have openedone of the best juice bars in Kelowna. All juices are gluten free, organic, vegan friendly and contain local Okanagan produce. Come in and taste some of the freshest fruit, mixed into mind-blowing combinations!

To learn more about our Juice Bar click the ‘Learn More!’ button below, or navigate to Juice Bar using the main menu.

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